Never seen

Sophisticated and alternative design

Verticale Collection

The structure is made with any type of wood, artfully crafted by Italian artisans. The 2 transparent plexiglass spaced and joined together to the supporting structure, give the module a ‘suspended’ view of all moving parts, allowing you to recharge up to 4 clocks.

All accessories can be made of mirror polished stainless steel or 24K gold plated. The patented unique watch holder in the world allows you to admire your watch at 360 °, adapting it to any size thanks to the use of harmonic steel covered in soft PVC.

Features and Accessories

High technology and futuristic design

Bidirectional motor

The patented unique watch holder in the world allows you to admire your watch at 360 °. The use of a bidirectional motor and LED lighting on the incision and inside the hollow wheel, enhances the jewels in a harmonious combination of functionality, innovation and aesthetics.

Remote control

The remote control and the app allow the management of settings to change the rotation speed, light intensity and automatic timer, all visible through the display. The certificate of authenticity with serial number will make your watch winder even more unique and exclusive.


Personalization with a digital signature, family crest or any desired engraving is laser and backlit, making the Unico model an exclusive and inimitable object. Configure your watch winder by choosing the materials for the base and accessories: steel, carbon fiber and gold.


Availability and readiness

The value of choosing Infinite goes beyond the traditional manufacturer-client relationship. It is a relationship based on sharing, emotions, empathy. It’s for this reason that we at Infinite are always available to offer our support to those who choose our brand. Questions, doubts, suggestions regarding the use of a watch winder constitute for us the rings of a relationship chain based on dialogue and continuous availability. To make it easier for you to contact us, we have created the special form below. Please fill in all the fields and in a short time you will be contacted personally by one of our experts to offer you advice.

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