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Marble is the material that best represents the history of art, it would be impossible to talk about it without thinking of the artists who gave it eternal value. Michelangelo’s admiration for this beautiful material is universally known and it invites us to treat this shining stone with utmost care and quality.

It is especially appreciated for its durability and guarantees a wonderful final appearance. Classic meets modern, beautifully combined with designer materials such as glass and steel. The extraordinary characteristics of its pearly veins, the many different shades of colour and its ductility make it a very elegant material perfect for any environment.

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The value of choosing Infinite goes beyond the traditional manufacturer-client relationship. It is a relationship based on sharing, emotions, empathy. It’s for this reason that we at Infinite are always available to offer our support to those who choose our brand. Questions, doubts, suggestions regarding the use of a watch winder constitute for us the rings of a relationship chain based on dialogue and continuous availability. To make it easier for you to contact us, we have created the special form below. Please fill in all the fields and in a short time you will be contacted personally by one of our experts to offer you advice.

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