Constantly focused on the future

How do you turn a passion into a success story? All it takes is the will to change, the ability to set new limits and, in particular, a vocation for creating something extraordinary, something that exists in the present but looks like it comes from the future.

This is the pioneering spirit that gave Nicola Orso, founder and creative designer of Infinite Italy, the inspiration to start his creative journey in the processing of stainless steel. A journey that has gone a long way since its start, with simple but important steps: a steel tube for air conditioning units, the creation of design furniture for shops and finally the foundation of a company specialised in fittings and upgrade works based on the use of innovative materials.


Going after perfection

Today the brand Infinite Italy means innate superiority, a company that has become the emblem of quality in the luxury watch market. But what lies behind this rise to perfection? “I invent things and then create them. I listen to the people who buy my creations, my clients, and then I design and create what they need”.

It is thanks to this principle that Nicola Orso has turned his great passion for watches into a luxury craft niche, a new style of design capable of reinventing the creative identity of these modern time-measuring machines. And this is how Infinite Italy perfects itself, pursuing a goal that has the same aim of automatic watches: perfection. That is, reproducing the unceasing flow of time in a mechanical and meticulous way.


International success

From Baselword to Top Marques, Infinite Italy has become known anywhere in the world, participating during the years in the most important European and international fairs and gaining share in the luxury market. It is during those events that Nicola Orso enters into important agreements with emerging markets and well established businesses, using the quality of the products to push his company towards a global future.

Today, Infinite Italy can boast great popularity and many partnerships all around the world: from the United Arab Emirates, the home of luxury, to Italian cities known for quality design such as Milan and Florence, to the crossroads of the global world, the United States. In each of these places you will be able to find the elegant time machines produced by Infinite. The success of a brand which aims at international growth but preserves its roots and its tradition with its Made in Italy and Made in Sardinia production.

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The value of choosing Infinite goes beyond the traditional manufacturer-client relationship. It is a relationship based on sharing, emotions, empathy. It’s for this reason that we at Infinite are always available to offer our support to those who choose our brand. Questions, doubts, suggestions regarding the use of a watch winder constitute for us the rings of a relationship chain based on dialogue and continuous availability. To make it easier for you to contact us, we have created the special form below. Please fill in all the fields and in a short time you will be contacted personally by one of our experts to offer you advice.

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