Our Philosophy

Infinite Italy is aware of the complex consequences that each production process can cause today at a global level and it’s for this reason that the company has chosen to adhere to precise ethical values based on consensus and sustainability.

We are talking about environmental, social and work sustainability but also supervision of the production chain and respect for the client. All values that regulate our production without any chance of compromise.

The ethics of market

Each Infinite piece is the result of a meticulous selection process, choosing only suppliers of raw materials that use extraction methods that do not harm in any way neither the environment nor the workers who collect them.

We are very committed to safeguarding environmental resources and future generations and we strongly oppose any form of unregulated exploitation of the land.

The ethics of work

Infinite aims at fully satisfying the rightful expectations of the client, working in complete integrity and legality and rejecting any form of discrimination.

Each employee is aware that our mission is to provide quality, friendly customer service and value resulting from continuous innovation in order to provide our clients with a fully satisfying experience.

Our production

The unbearable lightness of nature

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Availability and readiness

The value of choosing Infinite goes beyond the traditional manufacturer-client relationship. It is a relationship based on sharing, emotions, empathy. It’s for this reason that we at Infinite are always available to offer our support to those who choose our brand. Questions, doubts, suggestions regarding the use of a watch winder constitute for us the rings of a relationship chain based on dialogue and continuous availability. To make it easier for you to contact us, we have created the special form below. Please fill in all the fields and in a short time you will be contacted personally by one of our experts to offer you advice.

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